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Zero Waste Initiative - Year-end Reports

Sustainable Bainbridge’s Sustainable First Monday theme in the summer of 2009 was zero waste.  Those wishing to form a group signed up, and the first meeting was called by SB president Sallie Maron in November.   Diane Landry became the official facilitator in January 2010.

We are dedicated to reducing the amount of landfill-bound trash generated on Bainbridge Island by promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.  We educate the community and provide advice and/or help to island schools, interfaith groups, organizations, and event planners.

2018 Goals and Accomplishments (in bold)

1. Collaborate with community organizations, individuals and institutions.
 Received the Washington State Recycling Association’s 2018 Non-Profit Recycler of the Year award.
a. Increase our understanding of our related organizations’ needs, economics, educational outreach, and promotional activities.  Those organizations include
> Bainbridge Disposal (BD)
1. Requested to greet users at transfer station but did not
2. Handed out new fliers until realized that did not apply to residential curbside customers

> Kitsap Solid Waste (KSW)
1. Dispersal of new multifamily outdoor recycling signs with <50 units
2. Handed out new recycling fliers
3. Managed lunchtime waste at Kitsap Water Festival

> City hall
1.Sit in on some Green Team meetings
2. Provided new recycling face plates for Big Bellies
> Chamber of Commerce - managed waste at 4th of July
 Sustainable Bainbridge - provided support at events they help sponsor, including 

1.ABC conference resource person
2. Panelist at climate movie series"Wasted” (food waste)
> Seattle Public Utilities Solid Waste Department - we benefited through materials and information they provide us
> Zero Waste Washington (ZWW)
1. Publicized their quarterly newsletter
2. Participated in beach litter app trial      
b. Continue to be available for special projects within the community or at individual ZW members’ requests.
1. Holiday lights recycling at Ace (recurring Nov-Jan)
2. Styrofoam and CD recycling (recurring Jan & July) – January figures: 3500 cu ft (=semi-trailer) of snapped
     Stryo, including 100+coolers, was amassed, as well as 1700CDs (~200 reused) and 1400 CD cases (~400 reused). 
     Around 170 cars passed through.  Donations tallied $335. 
3. Strawless campaign (new ZW initiative)- Survey restaurants on straw policy and suggest wait till
  customer requests and then hand out paper or reusable straw
4. Shoe recycling collection-promote (community member initiative)
5. Recycling within Parks and Rec (ZW member request) – Met with director about classrooms and parks
6. Promoted V Calvez’ plastic brick project – Farmers’ Market table, ZW website and emails  
c. Work on creating uniform guidelines throughout Bainbridge Island for recycling and composting. 
2. Identify individuals at facilities and organizations (educational, retail, restaurant, entertainment, religious, nonprofit, multifamily) who have an interest in creating a culture of waste prevention and reduction.  Assist them with updating recycling and compost information and best practices for waste management and possible acquisition of containers. 
a. Develop and implement a plan to assist condo associations to create improved practices of waste management – Gave new recycling outdoor "cage” posters (5 places)
b. The Island School – yard waste cart
c. Senior Center – 12-gallon indoor compost containers 

3. Educate the community on best waste reduction and diversion practices.
a. Published a ZW one-sheet periodically to place in public spaces (city hall, parks department, the Marge, Chamber of Commerce) – Spring issue published (Judy Tingley, ed), but distribution on hold due to conflicting recycling information put out by Bainbridge Disposal
b. Write occasional press releases or articles for publication in a local newspaper or magazine.
c. Continue to table at the Farmers’ Market monthly with a dedicated theme each time.  
April – Straws, May – Which items are recyclable/compostable?, June – Styro promo, Rotary and July 4th help, July – Van’s plastic bottle insulation project; new Bainbridge Disposal recycling rules, August –Beach Cleanup  
d. Hold special community presentations
1.Had Dave Stanley informally take recycling questions at Senior Center
2. Held showing of the documentary, Straws, with panelists Heather Trim, ZWW, and Nicole Harris, marine debris specialist.
e. Speak to local groups about Zero Waste and waste management on Bainbridge Island – Oatmeal Club presentation
f. Continue offering educational opportunities to Zero Waste members, including guest speakers and field
Speakers: Mollie Bogardus (proposed island compost facility)
Field trip: Nucor Steel (recycled metal)
g. Actively recruit more Zero Waste members - ZW listserv at 298 (20 added)
4. Offer waste reduction and recycling assistance to the community.
a. Continue promoting the tableware lending library.
Late April-Late December > 51 events
b. Continue offering waste management (discard stations) assistance at community events.
Farmers’ Market (April-Oct), Land Trust potluck, BOSIA Auction, Rotary, July 3rd Street Dance, July 4th, National Night Out, Helpline 50th (Susan), Taste of Lynwood, Harvest Fair, Winter Wonderland
c. Continue offering consultation, supplies and/or educational materials to organizations and individuals.
Event supplies to Helpline’s 50th, Chamber’s Octoberfest, Nomadik Fest


2017 Goals and Progress (in bold)

PREVENT WASTE: Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose
1. Increase our understanding of our related organizations’ needs, economics, educational outreach, and promotional activities [e.g., Bainbridge Disposal (BD), Kitsap Solid Waste (KSW), UPS, Eco-Adapt, Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Bainbridge, Zero Waste Washington (ZWW)].  
A. Kitsap Solid Waste - a) Attend Kitsap Solid Waste Advisory Committee monthly meetings, b) Provide feedback for "What Do I Do with It?" site, c) Get feedback for public's ZW questions
B. City Hall - Provided feedback for two COBI ordinance proposals (balloons and take-out containers)
C. Zero Waste Washington - Gave Powerpoint about BI Zero Waste to the ZWW board and executive director
D. Bainbridge Disposal - a) Provide with outreach materials for our special event collections and newsletter and b) Coordinated messaging regarding China's National Sword
E. UPS Store - Contacted manager for official list of reusables they will accept from the public and disseminated

2. Gather information from a sample of retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, churches, etc. and determine their interest in helping to create a culture of PREVENTION and REDUCTION of waste. Then find a champion within to match up with a ZW partner to help them take appropriate steps in their facility. 
A.BI School District - Assisted with improvements to recycling containers, signage and food service tableware
B. Senior Center- Assisted with reinstitution of recycling and compost collection
C. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) - Continue to improve waste management
D. Marge Williams Center start-up of compost toter service and purchase of post-consumer content supplies

3. Continue to be available for special projects of the community or individual ZW members’ requests
A. Solar eclipse glasses collection - 350 sent off for reuse
B. Campaign sign collection - Over 230 to be repurposed, along with metal stands
C. Styrofoam recycling collection - Twice a year.  Approximately 2160 cu ft collected at July event, plus approximately 30 coolers for reuse; perhaps same or a little less at January’s
D.Holiday lightstring recycling collection - Collaboration with Ace Hardware and 4F&G metal recyclers in Four 3’x4’x6’ boxes filled by January 2017

REDUCE WASTE: Compost, Recycle
1. Publish a ZW one-sheet twice a year to educate the general public about best current practices of waste reduction.
Spring issue

2. Write two articles a year for publication in a local newspaper or magazine.
Zero Waste was mentioned or featured in the following:
A. BI Review newspaper - a) Earth Day article quoted Zero Waste on practical ideas for saving energy, including food leftovers and b) Trashion Show letter to the editor
C. Bainbridge Island Magazine - Article mentioning Sustainable Bainbridge and work of Zero Waste
D. West Sound Home & Garden magazine - Profile on ZW program manager Diane Landry and BI Zero Waste

3. Reduce downtown Big Belly recycling contamination
Still incomplete but getting closer to new signage appearing on cans

4. Improve ZW’s Farmers’ Market booth, educative presentation, and general presence via a monthly theme and kid activities, April through September.
Because of scheduling conflicts, did not table in September. 
Themes: April-paper; May-ZW survey; June-recycling facts; July-composting; August-BI Beach Cleanup

5. Continue promoting lending library...
Use has continued to grow, both in frequency and types of events (weddings, parties, funeral, nonprofits for both member and public events, schools, city hall).
…and being available for community events that would like ZW volunteer discard station like ZW volunteer discard station participation or consultation…
Provided ZW discard management at the following events (estimated attendance in parentheses) that resulted in 75-90% landfill reduction:
  BI Land Trust potluck (200)
  BOSIA potluck (125)
  Rotary (as Rotary Green Team) (over 9-day time span,
  BI Downtown Association Street Dance (5,000)
  Chamber of Commerce July 4th  (20,000)
  BI Parks’ Summerfest (1200)
  BI Police Department’s National Night Out (800)   Squeaky Wheels’ Bike for Pie (300)
  Senior Center BBQ (100)
  Pleasant Beach business association's Taste of Lynwood (4000)
  Friends of the Farms’ Harvest Fair (2500)

… Accompanying signs, equipment, & educational materials will be improved as needed.
Green banners created to identify discard stations at the Fourth of July

6. Continue educational outreach via guests at ZW meetings…
ZW meeting guest speakers:
A. Heather Trim, executive director of Zero Waste Washington
B. Christine Goudreau, Cascadia Consulting outreach, including recycling and waste
…member field trips
A. Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Tacoma where Bainbridge recyclables go for sorting and baling
B. MRF in Seattle Plastics Summit in Tukwila
…speaking to local groups and collaborating with COBI, Bainbridge Public Library, and other organizations that might want consultative services.

7. Recruit and engage 10 more ZW volunteers.
A. No exact numbers, but had around ten new volunteers for community event discard management and Styro recycling collections
B. Boy Scout Troop 1496 new recruit group that handled Street Dance discard stations
C. Grew email list by about 20, reaching 244 interested individuals 2-4x/month with info about Zero Waste recycling collections, local waste reduction & prevention opportunities, volunteer requests, field trips, articles & broadcasts and ZW meeting minutes

8. Develop and implement a plan to assist condo associations to create improved practices of waste management.
A. Winslow Co-housing - Provided feedback "Where Does It Go?” spreadsheet
B. Grow Community Earth Squad - Consult at meetings and facilitated first Styro collection
C. Harbor Square Condominions - Provided feedback on plastic film collection pilot


 Bainbridge Island Zero Waste 2016 goals
Actions in bold


● Gather information from Bainbridge Disposal and Kitsap Solid Waste to identify three top practices/changes required to increase prevention of waste as well as reduction of waste, as well as gain an understanding of these organizations’ economics, educational materials, and promotional activities so we can better collaborate.  · Holiday recycling info sheet for transfer station
· Kitsap County Solid Waste Earth Day Award for Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling
· Liaison with Kitsap County Solid Waste Advisory Committee
· Transfer station greeting presence
· Publicize Kitsap County and city events - Hazardous waste collection, medication take-back
· Improve downtown Big Belly recycling contamination

● Publish a simple ZW brochure, financed by a grant from Sustainable Bainbridge or a donation from an enthusiastic ZW fan and member, or the Chamber, to explain ZW's mission, services/ needs. 
Published three issues of the BIZW newsletter in partnership with Grace Episcopal Church

● Write and publish one educational article a month about prevention, reduction of waste as it relates to climate change — in the Bainbridge Review or elsewhere.
· Ferry posting
· Sustainable Bainbridge newsletter articles
· Bainbridge Review letter to the editor submission
· Handouts published:
1) Packaging Disposal Solutions
2) Holiday Lights/Mercury Lights,
3) Upcycle Your Clothes/Where to Purchase Slightly Used Clothing,
4) Scratching Your Head about Plastics

● ZW booth at farmers' market (like master gardeners have) to field questions from the public, distribute our brochure, and recruit members.
Tabled once a month from April-September

● Gather information from a sample of retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, churches, etc. and determine their interest in helping to create a culture of PREVENTION and REDUCTION of waste. If there is interest, find an insider to match up with a ZW partner to help them prevent and reduce in their facility.Several ZW members have experience and are willing to help to reduce and prevent waste with an organization that might be interested and that you have found or that you are the "insider” in the organization.
· City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) green team liaison
· Woodward Middle School lunch sorting - vests, staffing, waste audits
· BI School District sustainability plan - advisory
· Bainbridge Public Library "refresh" project - advisory
· Schmidt's Appliances - Styrofoam sorting
· St. Cecilia's School - waste reduction consultation
· Hyla Middle School - incipient waste reduction consultation
· Bainbridge Bakers - signage consultation
· Virginia Mason - signage consultation
· BI Historical Society - recycling bin and signs
· BI Museum of Art - disposable tableware consultation

● Continue to be available for any and all community events that would like ZW participation with volunteers, signs, and/or other equipment or that you would like to have ZW participation!· Semi-annual Styrofoam recycling collection partnership with Bay Hay and Feed
· Holiday lights recycling partnership with Ace Hardware
· ZW discard stations and/or volunteers (*includes use of ZW Lending Library)
 partnering with...     
            Land Trust potluck* (February)
            MS Walk* (April)
            COBI volunteer appreciation* (April)
            Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Associations (BOSIA) potluck* (April)
            Rotary Green Team (June)
            Downtown Association Street Dance (July)

            Chamber of Commerce Grand Old Fourth (July)
            Owen's Playground Grand Opening* (August)
            Police Department National Night Out (August)
            Parks & Rec Summerfest (August)
            Squeaky Wheels Bike for Pie* (August)
            District Back-to-School breakfast* (August)
            Friends of the Farms (September)
            Farmers' Market (April-October)

● Be available for special projects of the community or individual ZW members’ requests.· Trashion Show (EarthArt Bainbridge suggestion)
· Earth month book/DVD check-out display at Bainbridge Public Library
· Earth month movie showings
· Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup

● Schedule one ZW meeting every quarter for a Saturday to encourage membership growth.
Saturday meetings in March, June, and September 

Additionally, continued educational outreach with...
· Annual 2-week display in Bainbridge Public Library display case (theme: plastics) + additional
  display in October (theme: clothing)
· Member field trips - Green Mountain Technologies (composting machines), our MRF in
  Tacoma (materials recovery facility)
· Member education - meeting guests (Pub biodigester), emails
· "Introducing BI Zero Waste" slide shows to St. Cecilia green study group and Kitsap Enviro


2012 Year-end Report

1. Improvement to waste stations
a. Settled on uniform symbols and colors for recycling and compost signage
b. Purchased vests for volunteer with ZW logo sewn on
c. Created ability to display examples of materials from signs
d. Used tent cards to raise attendees’ awareness of landfill diversion efforts
e. Incorporated awareness of compost end product
f. Experimented with subset collections (e.g., plastic utensils, corks)
g.  Acknowledged vendor efforts with "100% compostable supplies” sign

2.     ZW event assistance
Bainbridge Island Land Trust potluck (January)
Chilly Hilly (February)
Farmers’ Market (April-September)
Rotary Auction (June)
July 3rd Street Dance
Fourth of July
Bluegrass Festival (July)
Bainbridge Island Soccer Club tournament (August)
Friends of the Farms Farm-to-Table dinner (August)
City Hall manager reception (September)
Taste of Lynwood (September)
Harvest Fair (September)
Gear Grinders mountain bike club race (November)
City Hall manager reception (November)
Tedx Women (December)

3. Support of the successful passage of the plastic bag ban ordinance
   a. ZW members spoke, wrote letters and signed petitions in support
   b. Showed the documentary "Bag It” twice in the community, with guest panel for post
   c. Conducted reusable bag give-away (200+) on the first day of the ban and also gave away reusable bags at Earth Day fair

4. Waste audits at Blakely Elementary (six individual classrooms) with follow-up actions that
included classroom milk carton and paper towel recycling and chicken buckets for snack
and lunch leftovers
5. Styrofoam recycling collection at Earth Day fair

6. Bainbridge High School support
   Created signage for trash, recycling and compost receptacles throughout the school

7. Farmers’ Market support
   a. Strategic pre-planning with market manager to engage vendors in aiming for all- compostable and recyclable material
   b. Giving and lending equipment for waste stations
   c. Continual refinement of signage at waste stations
  d. Volunteer monitors for waste stations

8. Creation of task groups to work on specific goals
    Event operations, signage, publicity, school and city hall waste reduction, reusable bag
outreach, plastic reduction

9. Creation of BI Zero Waste email address for official correspondence and communal file

10. Creation of event database (spreadsheet) to anticipate possible ZW assistance

11. Big Belly attention
     a. Cleaned twice by a group of Z-Agents
     b. More specific signage ("No cups”) to reduce contamination of recycling
12. Guest speakers
      a. Kirsten Hytopoulos – Council member
      b. Katrina Rosen – Environment Washington

Year-end Report 2011

Waste station monitoring presence
1.  Healthy Living Expo (January)
2. Chilly Hilly bicycle ride (February)
3. Home & Garden Show (March)
4. May Day at Hilltop (May)
5. Rotary Auction (June) - assisted
6. Summer Vibes dance (July)
7. Grand Ol’ Fourth (July)
8. Friends of the Farm dinner (August)
9. Taste of Lynwood (September)
10. Harvest Fair (September)
Signage lending event
Island School Carnival
ZW Consultation
1. Interfaith Council Super Suppers – promote compostable tableware
2. Eagle Harbor Congregational Church – office manager and Oatmeal Club
3. Madison Cottages –composting possibilities for multi-family waste collection
4. Zero Waste Washington – assist in getting extended producer responsibility postcards signed
5. Bainbridge High School Earth Service Corps – promoting cafeteria composting
6. Harbor Square Condominiums tenant – composting options
Event presence (to disseminate information)
1. Earth Day @ T&C –Styrofoam collection and beach litter display
2. Farmer’s Market - collected signatures Zero Waste Washington (see above)
3. Frog Rock Forum – shared a table with WOW Bainbridge
4. Student Conservation Corps – guest speaker
1. WOW Big Belly installations: 7 pairs along Winslow Way and at Doc’s
2. Yes! Magazine waste audit
3. Earth Day Styrofoam collection, in coordination with Bay Hay and Feed
4. Bainbridge High School cafeteria assessment of lunch disposal practices by students;
    subsequent cafeteria waste monitoring on three occasions - done at the Earth Service Corps sponsor’s (Karen Polinsky) request
5. Spreadsheet compilation of island events in order to offer to lend signs and containers for waste reduction
Guest speakers
Dave Stanley, general manager of Bainbridge Disposal
Suellen Mele, program director of Zero Waste Washington
Tony D’Onofrio, sustainability director for T&C Markets
Ongoing project
Road Map to Zero Waste updates

2010 Year-end Report

Waste station monitoring presence
1.  Home & Garden Show (March)
2.  Green Drinks (ongoing)
3.  Rotary auction (June-provided volunteers)
4.  July 3rd street dance
5.  Fourth of July downtown celebration
6.  National Night Out (August)
7.  Open Space Committee reception (August-provided materials)
8.  Family Fun Fair (August)
9.  Harvest Fair (September)
10. Wine Weekend street dance (October)

Event presence
1.  Earth Day table at T & C
     a) Display of lesser-known recyclables
     b) Waste reduction tip sheet handout
     c) Display of 3 major waste reduction choices, with raffle of these reusables
2.  Sustainable First Monday: "Waste is a resource out of place” (lead: Todd Johnson)– speakers are four public and private conservation and waste managers

1. Downtown survey of store owners’ waste reduction practices (lead: Dana Berg)
2. Campaign to bring recycling containers to downtown Winslow (lead: Els Heyne)
3. Logo creation (lead: Dana)
4. Library waste audit (leads: Liesl Clark and Diane Landry)
5. Plastic cap recycling container at recycling center (lead: Diane)

Ongoing project
Road Map to Zero Waste updates

Media presence
1.  Web page on
2.  Newspapers (the Bainbridge Review and Islander)
     a) letters to the editor: reported on the outcome of the Fourth of July and Harvest
Fair; announced the end of the cap recycling program
     b) calendar section: solicited volunteer help for the Fourth
     c) feature article on composting at the Fourth of July
     d) mention in an article on Matinees that Matter’s Garbage Dreams

Meeting guest speakers
1.  Dave Stanley, general manager of Bainbridge Disposal
2.  Heather Trim, head of Zero Waste Seattle

Grant applications
1. Bainbridge Community Foundation - Big Belly recycling/trash containers for Winslow (no)
2. Rotary - Big Belly recycling/trash containers for Winslow (pending)