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Bainbridge Beach Cleanup


We are so incredibly thankful to the 250 community members who gave of their time and effort to help us make the second annual Bainbridge Beach Cleanup a fabulous success! Volunteers fanned out across our public shorelines and road-ends to pick up an incredible array of materials. We even had a team of amazing folks remove an entire boat bottom from the shoreline of Fort Ward! Tales of styrofoam, tarps, cans, tires, and more were relayed, and we can't wait to share with you the data of the volume and diversity of what we found-- soon to come once we hear back from the folks at Ocean Conservancy that helped us track our trash through their CleanSwell app.

A special thanks to Bainbridge Disposal and Kitsap County Solid Waste for allowing us to dispose of items for free, and to the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks Department for assisting with pickup of large materials.

 And most of all, thank you, our community- without you, this event could never happen!