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The Comprehensive Plan’s Five Overriding Principles (Part II)

Jon Quitslund 4. The costs and benefits to property owners should be considered in making land use decisions. I discussed the fifth Principle at length in Part I of this essay.  That principle establishes the importance of maintaining environmental resources … Continue reading

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Earth Day Here, Now, Always

Jon Quitslund “On its anniversary, Earth Day is worth not just celebrating but also studying – as a story with political lessons.” This is the last sentence in a thought-provoking essay by Nicholas Lemann, “When the Earth Moved,” in The … Continue reading

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After “Aftershock”: Responding to Robert Reich

Jon Quitslund Robert Reich’s Aftershock; The Next Economy and America’s Future (2010; updated for the Vintage Books paperback, 2011) is one among many books published by economists and public policy experts since the devastating collapses of financial institutions and the … Continue reading

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