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“A Lot of Live Wires in the Room”

Jon Quitslund I have two topics in this essay; maybe I should call them ‘areas of interest’ rather than topics.  I want to write from my impressions at the end of the six ‘Listening Sessions’ that have brought groups of … Continue reading

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Responding to Global Weirdness & Local Brightness

Jon Quitslund “We are gripped by multiple scleroses, unable to get our arms around any of the problems staring us in the face….Will a catastrophe shake us from our slumber?”  (part of an online comment by ‘Cassandra’ from Colorado) I’ll … Continue reading

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Crisis and Conscience

Jon Quitslund “You Americans, you’ve mastered the art of living with the unacceptable.” — Breyten Breytenbach, quoted by Terry Tempest Williams This post tracks a topic somewhat remote from our lives here on Bainbridge, but I believe that if we … Continue reading

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