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Go! Bainbridge

Be Seen Be Safe  

GO! has provided visibility items for the community in the past.  Be sure to use/wear your reflective gear when you are riding or walking at dusk or after dark. 

Lightweights Power Reflectors


Fiks Reflective

Be Seen with Style

Rapha Reflective Collection

Need more information on ways to be seen at night?

You're not as visible as you think

Retro-reflective Study

'Nighttime pedestrian accidents and deaths are America's most preventable tragedies. Over 70% occur in the dark, and reflectors are the only proven method of making pedestrians and cyclists visible at distances sufficient for the motorist to slow down or stop.'

'Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program has published a report on "Action Wear: Clothing for Fitness". The report states that pedestrians walking along a road in dark clothing at night are first seen approximately 55 feet away, giving a driver less than one second reaction time. A driver traveling at 60 mph needs over 260 feet to stop. They list the following colors and visibility distances: BLACK/BLUE - 55 feet; RED - 80 feet; YELLOW -120 feet; WHITE - 180 feet; REFLECTORIZED - 500 feet OR MORE.'

be seen be safe 2015

Walking Map of Winslow

GO has been working on a walking map of Winslow and it's ready for viewing!