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Library of Things



Thank you to Andrea Bennett for creating the LoT logo!

Library of Things upcoming planning meetings:

For now, all meetings are suspended. Meetings may resume in April. Check in with the Bainbridge Island Library of Things Facebook page as April nears to confirm. 

For questions or inquiries, please email Gilian Engelson at 


Work is underway to create a Library of Things (LoT) non-profit organization on Bainbridge Island. The LoT will provide an accessible location of shared goods for the community to borrow. The goals of the Library of Things (LoT) are as follows:

1. Increase affordable access to goods
2. Facilitate the community’s practice of sharing goods
3. Reduce the community’s carbon footprint and foster sustainability
4. Reduce the financial impact of consumerism
5. Eliminate excesses in households
6. Support disaster response
7. Educate members and strengthen community
8. Reduce off-island travel

To achieve these goals, the LoT needs to: 
1. Be easily accessible: Have a central location to facilitate the transfer of goods and knowledge that will function as the guarantor of the sharing process. Offer user-friendly hours with future plans to offer smart lockers for members to gain access or return reserved items during non-business hours.
2. Reduce the ecological and financial impact of consumerism: Offer quality durable goods that fit the needs of the community in order to reduce waste sent to our landfills, reduce the use of our natural materials and energy to produce these goods, and reduce duplication within our community. With rising costs of living, people have less disposable income to buy goods they need or desire.
3. Educate members and strengthen community:  Provide a space to learn skills, promote resilience and support each other. A LoT will serve as a great intergenerational gathering space where the wealth of do-it-yourself wisdom can be exchanged and individuals can feel empowered with new knowledge. Fix-it fairs will encourage community building as well as ensure the extension of an item’s longevity and reduce the waste going to our landfills.
4. Support disaster response: Act as a repository of items that are needed to help a community rebuild in case of a disaster. If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting involved, please email Gilian Engelson at .

Minutes and Slides from the December 16, 2019 introductory meeting
February 4th and 6th, 2020 meeting minutes