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Non-Profit Scotch broom workparties

Non-profit Workparties

One island and many hands to pull invasive weeds and protect our lands from scotch broom sprawl.

Non-profit Scotch broom workparties are coordinated by Let’s Pull Together for community gain: a healthy, diverse Island ecosystem. Your non-profit brings people-power to an event that we will plan and organize. You provide public service. We recruit the opportunity for outreach, awareness and education about the threat of scotch broom to Bainbridge Island natural spaces. Let’s Pull Together’s funding is dedicated to Island Scotch broom eradication. We express our gratitude for your volunteer service by making a donation to your non-profit, for a value approximate to $10 per hour per service hour volunteered. (For example: if your non-profit brings 30 people to a 3 hour workparty, Let’s Pull Together makes a donation of $900 to your non-profit.)  For youth groups we request an adult volunteer participate for every 10 youth.

Together we can work to eradicate Scotch broom on the Island. We will be working on roadsides, parks, farmland, on conservation easement properties, in public land deemed ecologically-threatened due to Scotch broom infestation. We will be working with hand tools, cutting, pulling and piling moving Scotch broom.  We will all be working cooperatively for the health of Bainbridge Island native plant and wildlife populations.

Thank you for your consideration in scheduling a Non-profit workparty with Let’s Pull Together!

 Contact- Emily Helgeson, Let’s Pull Together Coordinator