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Supporting a resilient and thriving community — environmentally + economically + socially

Our Mission

Sustainable Bainbridge supports cooperation and collaboration among a broad-based network of local organizations, businesses, government and individuals to protect and strengthen our community's economic, social and environmental sustainability for current and future generations.

We accomplish this by educating, inspiring and engaging the community in a wide range of projects focused on increased community resiliency.


  • Increase awareness and understanding by individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and local government of the need to make our community truly sustainable, and ways to do so.
  • Help community members achieve a smaller ecological footprint.
  • Foster a local living economy.
  • Develop community leaders with the passion and skills to guide our community toward a sustainable future.


  • Sponsor and promote discussion forums, public dialogues, and speakers on sustainability topics.
  • Maintain a website that functions as an information clearinghouse and promotes community events relating to sustainability.
  • Serve as an incubator for new initiatives in a variety of sustainability issues.