APRIL 2016 Island-Wide Invasive Clean-Up

Please join Let’s Pull Together  and the Bainbridge Island Land Trust in our first ever Island-Wide Invasive Clean-Up event!

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Invasive plants are a threat to native plants and wildlife. Rid your yard and garden of invasive species during the month of April and Let’s Pull Together and Bainbridge Island Land Trust will pick up the tab!

WHEN: Dispose of your invasive material at no cost to you EACH SUNDAY in APRIL from 10am-4pm

Sunday April 3rd,  April 10th,  April 17th, April 24th

WHERE: Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station

7215 Vincent Road Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

WHAT: Accepted Invasive Species

English ivy (Hedera helix)

English ivy

Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius)

Scotch broom

Spurge laurel (Daphne laureola)

Spurge laurel

English holly (Ilex aquifolium)

English holly

Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii)

Butterfly bush

Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)

himalayan blackberry

This April, Let’s Pull Together (LPT) and Bainbridge Island Land Trust (BILT) are partnering to help you rid our island of invasive plant species. Join together with your family, friends, and neighbors to clear invasive species from your yard, garden, and neighborhood. Bring your invasives to the Bainbridge Disposal transfer station any SUNDAY in April and LPT and BILT will pay the price of disposal.

This is a great opportunity for our Island Community to remove and dispose of invasive species that threaten native plants and wildlife.

Invasive plant species are one of the leading causes of native biodiversity loss. Invasives spread quickly and can displace native plants, prevent native plant growth, and create monocultures. A healthy plant community has a variety of shrubs, herbs, and trees, but invasive plants can cause biological pollution by reducing plant species diversity. As a result, changes in native plant diversity reduce the quality and quantity of fish and wildlife habitat. Removing invasive plant species helps our native plant communities thrive.

A representative of LPT and/or BILT will be on-site at Bainbridge Disposal transfer station to assist you. Upon arrival, please let this representative and Bainbridge Disposal know you are participating the in the Island-Wide invasive species removal.

Please do not bring non-invasive yard waste mixed in with your invasive species. It will not be accepted.

Need to borrow a weed wrench for those deep roots? We have a limited number of weed wrenches available for day-use. Please be sure to reserve yours ahead of time by emailing Let’s Pull Together Coordinator Emily Helgeson.


CONTACT: Emily Helgeson, LPT Coordinator


BROOM TALK – Jan 31st

On Sunday, January 31st at 3pm Let’s Pull Together will be hosting Broom Talk at The Marketplace coffee shop at Pleasant Beach.

Broom Talk will be a monthly discussion group that gathers to address all topics pertaining to Scotch broom on Bainbridge Island. This is an opportunity for community members to share and discuss locations on the island that may need Scotch broom monitoring/maintenance, on-going projects, removal practices, concerns, etc.

Check back to find out when/where Broom Talk will be meeting in February!


Thank you, Volunteers!

It has been an exciting year for Let’s Pull Together!

  • LPT worked with over 400 volunteers who contributed over 900 hours in 14 non-profit work parties.  These work parties occurred on public farmland, parks, and open spaces.

  • In addition to public open space and Right of Ways, LPT reached out and worked with private property owners, this work included; lending tools, providing information on best practices, providing financial support and working side by side with property owners.

  • The entirety of Route 305 was revisited and cleared of Scotch broom in the spring on a second-sweep and will continue to be revisited in the spring of 2016.

  • LPT has brought over 50,000 square feet of Scotch broom to Bainbridge Disposal to be hot composted and is still going strong!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, expertise and enthusiasm this year! I look forward to more Non-profit Work Parties in the months to come!


Here are just some dates we already have scheduled for 2016:

2/6/2016 Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club

2/27/2016 BHS Marching Band

3/5/2016 BHS Senior Class

3/14 Girl Scout Troop 44332

3/26/2016 BHS Senior Class

4/2/2016 Bainbridge Sailing Team

**If you are interested in scheduling a Non-profit Work Party in 2016 please email me at


Cadette Girl Scouts clean up the Scotch Broom at the Lovgreen “tree property”

On Friday afternoon, fresh out of their Halloween parties at school, the Cadette Girl Scouts joined forces with Let’s Pull Together to tackle Scotch Broom on a Friends of the Farm property near Lovgreen.

photo 3-2

These girls were a force of nature working together to pull out enormous roots and coming up with creative ways of moving their piles of Scotch broom.

photo 5

Thank you for all the hard work! ** TIP: The Cadette Girl Scouts discovered that piles of Scotch broom make a great trampoline**

Harvest Fair 2015

I hope you got a chance to visit the Let’s Pull Together booth at this year’s Harvest Fair! If you missed us, don’t worry. You can find information about scheduling a non-profit work party, joining Weed Walkers, and our cost-share program on the LPT website.


Or contact the coordinator Emily Helgeson at stopscotchbroom@gmail.com

BHS Marching Band Pulls Scotch Broom near Lovgreen

On Saturday October 3rd the Bainbridge High School Marching Band, friends, and family members joined Let’s Pull Together at the end of Charles Road (off Lovgreen) to clear massive stands of noxious Scotch broom.


The work was not easy, but there was laughing and smiling as we all worked on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I want to extend a big THANK YOU to the Marching Band for its effort in combating noxious Scotch broom on Bainbridge Island!

IMG_4964 IMG_4976 IMG_4980

On September 5th SIXTY-FIVE Bainbridge Island Cross Country runners, friends, coaches and family members joined Let’s Pull Together at the southern end of Meigs to clear thousands of feet of noxious Scotch broom. The work was not easy. Himalayan blackberry guarded the large stands of Scotch broom making access more difficult, but the BIXC team worked tirelessly. I want to extend a big THANK YOU to the team for the its effort in combating noxious Scotch broom on Bainbridge Island!

photo 1(1)

photo 3(1)

Take your family, take your friends, take your doggies and go walk the trails of Meigs Park! You will see the results of an impressive 2.5 hours of Scotch broom removal!

photo 3 copy


BHS Sailing Team clears Scotch broom at Bainbridge Disposal!

On Sunday, August 30th the Bainbridge High School Sailing Team members, family and friends braved the sun, rain and wind to help rid Bainbridge Disposal of massive amounts of noxious Scotch broom. Twenty-eight volunteers showed up ready to pull, cut and pile Scotch broom for three hours raising money for the purchase of new boats for their upcoming season. Thank your BHS Sailing Team for the excellent work! Good luck this season!


IMG_4799 1.49.43 PM IMG_4796 1.49.43 PM IMG_4801 1.28.53 PMIMG_4806 IMG_4809