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Styrofoam and CD/DVD Recycling Collection Events


Bainbridge Island Zero Waste and Bay Hay and Feed team up twice a year (in January and July) to offer the community a chance to have their Styrofoam packaging, coolers, AND PEANUTS, as well as CDs and DVDs, be recycled.

The next collection will be January 11 & 12, 2020 at the Bay Hay and Feed barn. 

(Kitsap Solid Waste holds a collection -- Styrofoam only -- on Saturday, December 28, at the county fairgrounds.)

Our collection is run by ALL VOLUNTEERS -- more than 40 individuals help over the weekend. If you or your friends and family can lend a hand to snap and bag Styrofoam at the next collection, please let us know at

Styrofoam must be...

  • clean
  • dry
  • white
  • snappable
  • #6 EPS polystyrene packaging blocks or coolers
  • Styrofoam food trays of all colors are allowed if clean, except for no tan trays -- they are made from corn starch and can go in T&C's compost bins.
  • REMOVE ALL TAPE and STICKERS from blocks and coolers
  • Bag the peanuts - no debris in the bag.
  • No hot tubs
  • No pink or blue insulation foam
  • No foil-covered foam
  • No Insta-pak foam

CDs and DVDs must be loose -- no cases. 
A 25-cent donation is requested to defray the cost of bags. (Your generous donations have made this quite a fundraiser for our Zero Waste community give-backs. Thank you!)

Howard Block, Bay Hay owner, trucks the bagged Styro to Styro Recycle in Kent on regular business trips to the area.
The disks are sent to GreenDisk.

Our friendly business sponsors are Bay Hay and Feed (of course!), UCB, and Town and Country Market.


July 2019 report

  • 46 volunteers, 97 volunteer hours
  • 264 drop-offs
  • 71 bags filled
  • $592 in donations



 STYROFOAM REPORT - January 2019

 Photo by Tami Meader

Now in our ninth year of Styrofoam collection, we continue growing in all respects. Here's a quick stat check, comparing this past weekend's results to July 2018's numbers (in parentheses). 
Cars – 310 (201)
Bags – 90 (71)
Volunteers – 45 (35)
Volunteer hours - 106 (80)  THANK YOU!!!
Donations – $741 ($364)
Cubic feet collected - 6400 cu ft (3500)

Bay Hay and Feed - host site, used bags, bag transport                                   
UCB - monetary donation                    
T&C Markets - new bags at cost
Kitsap Solid Waste - holding boxes

Howard Block, owner of Bay Hay and Feed, makes the Styrofoam collection possible.  He stores the bagged Styro and trucks it down to Styro Recycle over a period of about ten business trips.

This is just one reason that Bay Hay and Feed was named the 2019 Business of the Year by the Washington State Recycling Association.  Read more here.