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Plastic Trash Project

Project Name: Compost Vessel Made from "Trash"
First functional use application for the zero waste carton bricks:


This is the first installation of zero waste carton bricks installed to insulate the wall of the Earth Cube compost vessel at Winslow Co-Housing. 
It took 60 carton bricks to fill a single 4'x4' wall of the compost vessel.
That's a lot of plastic trash!
Thanks to all of you who have been contributing plastic scraps stuffed into cartons for this project.  This stuff is useful!  This is a pretty simple use: insulating a wall.  All of this trash will not go to the landfill and will have a long life literally supporting the process of composting.  And it will be a time capsule for the future when we figure out still another life for these resources.
Thank you so much for not throwing it all away!
V and Sandra
We want your clean, dry plastic trash!

Most of our plastic "trash" is clean and usable for many purposes.
Instead of throwing it away, we can incorporate clean, plastic scraps into creative building/art projects.
We are collecting "trash" this summer for a new community project.  
Plastic scraps can make an excellent insulator.  This plastic may be used to insulate an in-vessel composting system (see Earth Cube to the right),  a chicken coop or even a tiny house.
Your trash could be a part of this innovative effort to demonstrate that our "trash" can be useful!
This project involves carton bricking.  Carton bricking involves stuffing cartons with plastic trash for building projects.  Please contribute your clean, plastic scraps!

Plastic Scrap Criteria
>> Plastic (composite materials made from paper/plastic/metal are ok too)
>> Non-recyclable, non-compostable
>> Clean and dry (to prevent mold growth and odors)
>> Scrunchable
>> Rigid plastic (e.g., clamshells) cut into small pieces
>> No wet or food soiled items, no compostable paper
>> No large rigid, plastic components (must be compressible - the idea is to have no air pockets)
>> No styrofoam block or peanuts
>> No sharp or jagged scraps that will poke through
The plastic scraps should be stuffed inside a standard 1/2 gallon milk/juice carton or a 52 oz. Simply Juice bottle.  Be sure to stuff the container with as much plastic as you can and then tape closed with clear mailing tape before dropping off. 

Requirements for scraps stuffed in milk/juice cartons
>> Carton should be standard 1/2-gallon paper milk or juice cartons only.
>> Carton should be rinsed out and dry (prevents mold growth).
>> Keep the screw top cap in place.
>> Tear the carton open on top for ease in stuffing.
>> Stuff the carton completely full of clean plastic scraps.
>> Tape the carton shut as shown with clear packing tape.

Requirements for scraps stuffed in the 52 oz. Simply plastic bottle
>> Bottle should be rinsed out and dry.
>> Stuff the bottle completely full of clean plastic scraps.
>> Screw the cap back on well.

Email V at when you are ready to deliver and he will give you his address. Please label your contribution with your name to provide accountability.
He will be collecting scraps at least through the summer.
Thank you for contributing your clean plastic trash to this project!