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Vendor Tableware Options

Tableware Options
for Low-waste Events on Bainbridge Island*
(Updated October 2019)

Reuse trumps recycling. Whenever possible, use durable tableware at your event. Zero Waste has a lending library, which is a list of people who have offered to lend out their reusable tableware.  It includes hundreds of utensils and cloth napkins, as well as tablecloths, plates, wine glasses, tumblers and mugs. Contact if interested in using.

*Cities differ in what they can accept in terms of recyclable and compostable products.  On Bainbridge Island, our hauler, Bainbridge Disposal, does not accept compostable plastics, so that's why we require compostable paper products.  Also, Bainbridge Disposal does not recycle paper cups, so again, that's why we require compostable paper cups (or clear plastic #1 cups, that we can recycle). Refer to Cedar Grove's list for approved compostable PAPER products. 

Note 1: Recently, a chemical-of-concern class, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs), has been found in certain compostable paper products, including some we list below (e.g., Chinet).  You can find the test results here

Note 2: The vendor mentioned below,, offers a 20% discount to preschool and K-12 schools; non-profits working on social, environmental, human rights and peace issues; and faith based non-profit organizations.

Note 3: Smart Foodservice (formerly Cash and Carry), a local distributor, carries many -- but not a comprehensive list of -- compostable paper products (check before visiting) and #1 clear cups at competitive prices. They can also special order certain compostable products for you.

Below are some vetted examples (not endorsements) of acceptable products.

Compostable plates
> Any Chinet plates
> (9" size)
> (6" size)  
> plates

Compostable bowls

Compostable hot/cold cups
> Smart Foodservice in Bremerton - Primeware in 8, 12, 16 and 20 oz. sizes (special order)
> corrugated exterior:
> double-wall insulated:

Compostable cold-only cups
Wax-coated paper cups are compostable (example below)
3oz Dixie bathroom cups (they are unlined) are compostable (probably sold in grocery store)

Recyclable plastic cold cups
Use plastic clear cups with #1 (PET or PETE=polyethylene) located in the chasing arrow triangle.  Do NOT use #6 or #7 plastic cups.  They are NOT ACCEPTED in our recycling system.
(with post-consumer content) 

Wooden utensils 
BI Zero Waste buys bulk from and can sell to vendors in sleeves of 100.
> spoons, forks, and knives

Paper trays ("boats")
Southern Champion is a good brand for price and compostability.  Always check specs to make sure it says "compostable".  One example is below.

Paper clamshells  

> Have seen good deals on Ebay

Take-out containers
> Fold-Pak Bio-Plus Terra 

Portion cups (souffle cups) for sauces, etc.

> Pleated paper cups
> 2 oz. sugar cane cup