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Introducing LPT's Weed Walkers Program!

With the help of may BI community members, LPT brought over 80,000 square feet of Scotch broom to a hot composting site since 2013 and cut and piled many tens of thousands more!  And our count is increasing every day!

 To help maintain and further our hard work along roadways, the Weed Walker program asks road walkers of BI to 1) learn to identify Scotch broom, 2) actively look for and pull new seedlings along their regular walking routes, and 3) communicate with LPT twice a year to let us know if they've had to pull any seedlings and if there are any big broom shrubs that LPT needs to revisit.  Additionally, LPT strongly encourages Weed Walkers to talk with their neighbors about Scotch broom on their property and if appropriate, introduce LPT to a neighbor who needs assistance controlling a large stand.

Please note that volunteering with Weed Walkers is a low-key commitment so if you change your mind at any time, you can just let LPT know and we'll take you off our list.

Please Sign Up Here by filling out this google form which states the program's goal, gives us information about where your route is, and includes a hold harmless statement.