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Supporting a resilient and thriving community — environmentally + economically + socially

West Sound Time Bank

Reviving and Honoring
the Systems of Kindness
and Care in our Communities

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Why be part of a time bank?

  • Equality: Your time has the same worth as anyone else’s.
  • Reciprocity: Each of us has something valuable to contribute, and each of us has occasion to need or want help.
  • Connection: Each offer of-and request for-time is an opportunity to meet and get to know others in your community on a personal level.
  • Caring: Each interaction helps to build the type of community we need to raise our children, care for our elders, nurture our families.
  • Value: A time bank can keep needed help affordable – especially valuable in a time when many of us are struggling financially.

What is a time bank?

A Time Bank provides an opportunity to give and receive services where you earn time credits by using your talents and skills, and spend time credits on a large selection of available services offered by other members. A web-based computer software records time credit deposits and withdrawals and makes it easy to see what skills and services your neighbors have to offer, and what services they need, so you can match your skills and needs with others in the community. All services are valued equally. Exchanges are not direct, as with trades and they aren’t a one-sided giving to someone in need. Instead, time banks promote a circle of giving and receiving.


Time banking is a growing movement. There are time banks in 42 states and 32 nations. And there is a place for you in our time bank community as we develop the just economic and rich social life that we desire. See our website for more information. Or join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date on our progress.