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WOW Bainbridge

Celebration of the instalment of the 7 big Bellies on Winslow Way

Debbie, Chris and Barry (The City of Bainbridge Island) Tony (Town and Country Market) Eileen (John L. Scott) , Sally and Els (Sustainable Bainbridge), Jim (Inventor of the Big Belly)

WOW Bainbridge = Wiping Out Waste on Bainbridge


After extensive research, WOW BAINBRIDGE identified an innovative and environmentally sound solution for our trash and recycle problem: Big Belly® kiosks. Big Belly® is a solar-powered automatic trash compactor that holds five times the capacity of ordinary trash cans, uses only the sun’s energy for power (even in the Pacific Northwest), and keeps pests out. Alongside the trash compactor is an easy-to-use recycle receptacle for disposing of paper, glass, plastic and aluminum.


WOW BAINBRIDGE raised $42,000 for seven Big Belly® kiosks for downtown Winslow. Now you can see all seven sets in action! These units need to be emptied only once a week instead of 5 times a week! That means a reduction of 18.1 CO2 tons a year.

The City of Bainbridge Island (through a Winslow Way Construction federal grant), Town and Country, Sustainable Bainbridge, the Rotary Club, Waxie Sanitary Supply and Eileen Black, a realtor with John L. Scott all purchased a Big Belly® Kiosk. (these costs include purchase of both units and five years of collection)! 

A big thank you goes to Eileen Black, who purchased the first Bainbridge Island Big Belly® (at City Hall Plaza) in 2007 and is now purchasing another one! Thank you Eileen!

We also received a grant from the Bainbridge Community Foundation and we have received donations from Blackbird Bakery, Chamber of Commerce, Bay Hay and Feed and many many community members. Thank you all for contributing!

Need more information?

WOW BAINBRIDGE members are available to answer your questions or make a presentation to your organization or business. Contact: Els Heyne at 206-795-2707 or at