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Zero Waste Business Smarts

Kitsap County Waste Wise @ Work Program
Don't know where to start to cut down on waste and realize savings from waste reduction strategies? Let Kitsap County help you...FOR FREE! The Solid Waste Division runs the EnviroStars Green Business Assistance Program,  information on which can be found here

How else do Bainbridge Island businesses keep their waste down? Read on to find out...

Bay Hay and Feed

In 2011, Bay Hay and Feed was one of Seattle Business Magazine's 50 Green Washington Award winners. Go here to see their list of sustainability measures taken. Good ideas for all!
To see a list of all the recipients and match yourself up with a comparable business, go here.

Yes! Magazine 

  • The managing editor built a raised bed right outside the office windows and supplements the soil with compost from the nearby worm bin, where employees' fruit and vegetable scraps, along with coffee grounds, end up. Fresh salad greens are available to staff most of the year!
  • New homes are sought for old computers and other electronics. Otherwise, Total Reclaim recyclers in Seattle is their destination.
  • Paper that has already been printed on gets used again if the backside is clear.
  • Yes! wanted to reduce even more and asked Zero Waste for a waste audit.

 What does your business do to avoid creating landfill waste?

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