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Zero Waste Event Assistance


The goal of BI Zero Waste is to help organizations and event planners to be self-supporting in their efforts to send as little as possible to the landfill. To that end, please read the "Event Planning Guidelines” page on our website. If you still require Zero Waste input, we provide the following:

Basic event information: Written guidelines about available resources (contacts) and correct procedures for a successful event.

*Specific event planning: One-on-one planning for an event to identify number, type and location of bins; to assess the number of station monitors required and equipment needed (loans available with a deposit); and to provide monitoring education (what is recyclable and compostable) and sources of compostable serving ware.

*Depending on the size, complexity and duration of the event, ZW would appreciate a donation to help defray direct expenses and/or to support sustainability-related projects within the community.

Please be aware that, according to state law RCW 70.93.093, recycling must be provided and recycled properly at events where bottled and canned drinks are sold.