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How You Can Volunteer


How can you get involved with BI Zero Waste?  Read on!  If you have questions and/or are interested in anything you see below or something not listed that you might want to initiate, contact Diane Landry at .

Farmers' Market Station Crew -  The Farmers' Market is open every Saturday, April-October, from 9am-1pm, in Town Square.  There are two discard stations, each with a recycling, compost and landfill container.  A crew member's task involves arriving around 11:45am to begin sorting compost, recycling and landfill, primarily at the east-end station, and remaining on site till about 15 minutes after the 1pm close. Each member usually takes one Saturday a month.  If you would like to join the crew, email the add .

Farmers' Market Booth - Every third Saturday, April-October, 9am-1pm, Zero Waste sets up a booth.  We focus on a different theme each month (e.g, clothing, paper, plastic).  If you would like to engage people in conversation related to the theme or on any aspect of waste and have a couple hours to hang out at the booth, please email .

Discard Station Guide - Help festival guests decide in which container (recycling, compost or landfill) to toss their discards. Join us for a spell at one or more of the community events below...

--> July 4th - We set up and manage 12 discard stations (recycling - compost - landfill) throughout the downtown area and continuously staff them from 7am-5pm.  Volunteers select a station for a two-hour shift and stay there to make sure people throw their discards in the right spot.  We need close to 50 volunteers. Please email to help.

--> National Night Out @ Waterfront Park.  First Tuesday in August, 5-8pm, one-hour shifts.

--> Harvest Fair @ Johnson Farm the penultimate Sunday in September, 11am-5pm, one-hour shifts.

Styrofoam Recycling Collection @ Bay Hay and Feed 10am-4pm one weekend in January and July - Help snap Styrofoam, which then gets trucked by Bay Hay co-owner Howard Block to Styro Recycle in Kent for melting down into 50# blocks, to then be sent off to be turned into crown molding and the like.