Perhaps you’ve noticed curbside recycling carts with pieces of Styrofoam poking out or lids pushed up by stuffed bags of recyclables. We’ve seen the same thing! To help educate residents about what to keep out of recycling, Zero Waste has teamed up with Kitsap Solid Waste to create a tag to slip on the handles of carts that contain bagged recyclables, Styrofoam, plastic bags or plastic film.

We’ll be running a two-month pilot project (in reality just four recycling days) starting the week of September 6, to see if tag reminders cut down on cart contamination. If you’d like to help, here are the details:

  • Pick a neighborhood.
  • On recycling day or the night before, lift the lid on each cart. Peer inside (no rummaging around!), and if you see any of the contaminants listed above, put a tag on the cart.
  • Check off on the data sheet what contaminants were in the cart.

We’d love to cover as many different areas as possible. Please email Diane Landry if you are interested in participating.