In recyclability terms, there are two types of meat trays: tan and other-colored.


The other-colored (white, blue, black, yellow, etc.) trays are made of polystyrene and may be recycled at the semi-annual Zero Waste Styrofoam Collection. They must be clean! Styrofoam clamshells, bowls, cups and soup cups are also accepted as long as they are clean and dry.

The tan trays are made of cornstarch. They are not compatible for recycling with the other, petro-derived trays. Tan trays may be put in the compost bin at Town & Country Market.  They do not belong in the Bainbridge Disposal yard waste bins.  The reason is because T & C’s compost goes to Olympic Organics, which accepts the cornstarch trays.  Bainbridge Disposal’s yard waste goes to North Mason Fiber, which does not accept cornstarch trays.

Last updated 5/31/20