Please help us on September 12 & 13 to run our postponed summer Styrofoam and CD/DVD Recycling Collection. Our event grows in popularity every year, as does our need for volunteers. The Doodle sign-up is here.
Keeping social distancing in mind with separate drop-off stations, we are looking for ten volunteers per shift, especially during the first four hours on Saturday, when volume is always the greatest.
Because of Safeway’s offer to backhaul the Styro in one of their semi-trailer trucks, we will not have to snap. However, we will still need to eyeball each piece for readiness (NO TAPE, NO STICKERS!) so this is what we are envisioning:
  • One person to greet cars and move them forward as spots open up
  • One person at each of three stations to take Styro out of the vehicle; the driver stays in the car (3 total)
  • One person at each of three big spaced-apart boxes to bag the Styro after inspection (3 total)
  • One person to take the bags from each of the three box stations to the Safeway truck across the street (3 total)
Thank you for any hours you can give. We literally cannot run this event without the help of our volunteers.
Saturday, Sept. 12 > Shifts from 9:45am-4:14pm
Sunday, Sept. 13 > Shifts from 10am-3:30pm
Sign up here to help.
Information on acceptable Styrofoam and how to prepare it can be found here.