Have you appreciated seeing Zero Waste compost/recycle/trash bins at countless events over the years on Bainbridge? 3rd July Street Dance…4th of July…Harvest Fair…Taste of Lynwood…National Night Out…Mochi Tsuki, and more. If so, this is the time of year where we could REALLY use your help. It would be WONDERFUL if you could sign up for even ONE two hour shift at either the 4th of July waste stations OR during the crazily hectic donation drop-off week for Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale, an event that grosses over $800,000 for community organizations.
As donations come in starting Saturday, June 29, the role of the Rotary Green Team (not a Zero Waste-run group but comprised of many ZW aficionados) is to divert packaging and items that are not salable to their highest possible use. Before the Green Team existed, during donation drop-off, SEVEN 50-yard dumpsters hauled off to the landfill packaging, volunteer meal discards and items that departments couldn’t use. The Green Team now has that dumpster number down to just TWO, while saving Rotary money in the process. But it’s a huge task and we could REALLY use your help, even if it’s one shift.
To sign up to help on July 4th, click here: (Ignore the “voting” message — what you check is what you show up for.) https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/aK5RvJld
To help during Rotary prep week first click here to register as a Rotary volunteer. Then follow the directions to choose Green Team shifts. https://www.bainbridgerotaryauction.org/volunteer
Rotary Green Team Areas:
1) Recycle rover – Moves around a lot checking on the 31 discard stations throughout the 8am-8pm day. We need lots more people!
2) Food team  -Watches over the two cafeteria discard stations during lunch and dinner so that well-fed volunteers throw their compostables in the right toter.
3) Cardboard team – Breaks down boxes (under a tent this year) and stacks in a shaded dumpster. It’s an engineering marvel!
4) Lawn of Opportunity – Sorts non saleables and packs them up for nonprofits. FREE “shopping” here is open to everyone who volunteers at Rotary.
5) Green Desk – Does miscellaneous sitting tasks and dispenses information.