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Discussion Circle (Blog)

This interactive part of our website seeks to promote the adoption of sustainable practices and principles by encouraging inquiry and discussion. It will call attention to current events, sometimes anticipating them and inviting participation, and sometimes reporting on meetings, lectures, and the like. Some posts may read like letters to the editor, and some will resemble an editorial column, a short magazine article, or a book review. Members of the Sustainable Bainbridge Board will contribute to the discussion; it will be most successful if many other citizens are heard from.

To contribute to the discussion, either at the beginning of a thread or in response to opinions expressed by others, you will be required to register, providing your name, address, and telephone number. (Only your name will be published.) Anonymous and pseudonymous comments will not be published. This rule may exclude some worthwhile contributions, but our intent is to foster the kind of discussion that can occur when a mixed group of friends and strangers starts to discover what they have in common and where they differ.  As seen on many blogs, anonymity seems to interfere with the development of serious discussion and mutual respect.

Solicited and unsolicited contributions to the discussion will be reviewed by a moderator before being posted on the website. We want to publish a wide range of opinions, but what is submitted may be edited, and publication is not guaranteed. You may also send a comment to the that is marked “not for publication.”

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