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Weed Warriors are a volunteer coalition of amateur and professional gardeners and environmental activists serving various organizations including but not limited to IslandWood, Sustainable Bainbridge, BI Landtrust, City of Bainbridge Island, BI Parks Foundations, BI Parks, Association of Bainbridge Communities, and the Kitsap Weed Board. Weed Warriors’ goal is to foster the preservation and restoration of native plants.

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While we are on hold during the coronavirus, please pull a weed whenever you walk—which is often, of course. You have my permission and blessing to pull ivy, Scotch broom, stinky Bob, or any other noxious weed from parks, your property, roadsides, or Landtrust places such as the lovely new Agate Pass Preserve. Our next event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday July 11, 1 to 3 at Ft. Ward. Questions? Contact [email protected].

The Sneaky Seven

Find the biggest weed offenders in this great new brochure, “The Sneaky Seven”.

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