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Supporting a resilient and thriving community — environmentally + economically + socially

Contact Us

Agenda Ideas: Contact someone on the executive committee, they set the agenda for each board meeting. Current members are: Carolyn, Maradel, Jane and Rob. 

Blog: Contact Jon if you have ideas  for content or would like to help with the SB blog. 

Climate Change: If you have questions about climate change, or think SB should pursue a particular aspect of climate change please email Lara and cc info@SB 

Earth Day: Email both Kat and Vanessa if you have an Earth Day calendar item to add to our website or question about Earth Day. 

Newsletter: Please send newsletter items to Carolyn in 12pt trebuchet. The deadline is the 1st of each month for content. The newsletter is distributed the second Wednesday of each month. 

SB Office and MW Conference Room: Please email Maradel to find a solution for any issues with the SB computer, mail, borrowing the projector, storage, new keys,  Marge Williams Conference Room schedule, etc.

Secretary: Please email Maradel if you have any changes to the minutes.

Social Media: Please follow us on FB and twitter. If you have a question or information for us to distribute on social media please contact Jane. 

Sponsorships: If you have a project you’d like us to sponsor either financially, in name only or assisting in marketing, please email info@SB and we’ll discuss it at the next board meeting. 

Treasurer: Please email Carolyn if you have any questions regarding payment, reimbursement, donations, grants, etc. 

Volunteering: If you would like to volunteer, we would love to have your help. Please click here to fill out our volunteer form. 

Website Updates: Email Vanessa and cc Maradel


Mailing Address:
Marge Williams Office Center
221 Winslow Way West, Box 101
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110