Learn  about some of the beautiful and significant trees on Bainbridge Island on the Bainbridge Island Tree Tour! This self-guided tour will show you the location of and interesting information about unique trees on Bainbridge, focused on the downtown area.

Click this link to access the Tree Tour on Plantsmap. You will arrive at our “collection” page that has all the trees that are on this tour. About halfway down the page,  click on the green “Plants” tab to show each of the individual trees that are included in the tour. The “Map” tab farthest to the right will pull up a map of all the trees that are included in the collection. You will soon also be able access the tree tour by using QR codes located on signs adjacent to many of the trees-coming soon!

(Please note, the map used by Plantsmap also, unfortunately, has an icon that is a white tree in a a green circle- these are icons for public parks, NOT for our trees.  Our trees are denoted by bright green dots, or, if you are on a specific plant’s page, a green teardrop icon with a gray inner circle. )

Renowned international tree expert Dr. Olaf Ribeiro led popular tree tours for many years with the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. Olaf also authored a book, Historic, Champion and Unique Trees of Bainbridge Island, WA, available at the History Museum and at Eagle Harbor Books. This book describes hundreds of trees across the Island. The book also details how many planted trees came to be at their location, as well as many stories of how trees were saved from removal or protected by citizens and neighborhood groups that loved them. This tree tour highlights some of the trees that are described in Olaf’s book and have been visited on his tours.

The Bainbridge Island Tree Tour is a collaborative effort of Sustainable Bainbridge, the City of Bainbridge Island, and the Bainbridge Island History Museum.

Nominate a tree – The city has a Heritage Tree Register. If you know of a tree that is especially interesting or exceptional, be it on public or private land, consider nominating it for the register. (If on private property, the owner must consent to the nomination.) Criteria for qualifying trees and the nomination form are found here.

Bainbridge Island Tree Tour Planning Partners

The Tree Tour was created under the partnership of Sustainable Bainbridge, The Bainbridge Island History Museum, and the City of Bainbridge Island.