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Scheduled Beach Explorations

Low tides during the winter months occur in the night time, presenting a very different experience from our summer explorations.  Different critters come out at night, often to hunt for food. 


Our single night time winter exploration this year is dictated by the tidal heights and timing.  There are few low tides on weekends in December and january and many are quite late at night.  So we have selected one that meets our criteria for timing.

January 19, Saturday, from 8:30 pm to 10 pm.  This exploration will be held at the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal beach.  Park in Winslow, walk through Waterfront Park and across the Ravine bridge.  Cross Harborview Drive and continue on the waterfront trail alongside the condos to the beach.  Look for flashlights on the beach.

Your guides for these explorations are trained beach naturalists, eager to help you learn about the amazing creatures in our nearshore habitat.  Boots suitable for wading are recommended, so you can get into the shallow water.  And a strong flashlight or headlamp is necessary.