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Scheduled Beach Explorations

The gradually lengthening days bring daytime low tides and beach explorations.  For many this is a much easier and more accessible activity than winter night-time explorations.  Parking can be limited at many of our beaches, so please carpool when you can.  Wear warm clothing in layers so you can stay as comfortable as possible.  Extra socks in your Wellington-type boots can help keep your feet warmer, as the water never really warms up.  Please do not bring dogs on the beach explorations.  And some of the beaches have slippery rocks and seaweed, so a trekking pole can provide a helpful assist for balance.


Saturday, April 29 -- 12:45 noon at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal beach

Sunday, May 28 -- 12:30 noon at Rockaway Beach Park

Sunday, June 25 -- 11:30 am at Point White Pier beach

Sunday, July 23 -- 10:30 am at Fort Ward Park beach

Your guides for these explorations are trained beach naturalists, eager to help you learn about the amazing creatures in our nearshore habitat.  Summer explorations are scheduled for two hours around the lowest tide of the month.  Join us this summer on the beach!