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Supporting a resilient and thriving community — environmentally + economically + socially

What We Do

Sustainable Bainbridge is a volunteer organization, headed by a Board of Directors which guides the growth and involvement of the organization. Our primary work is done through a series of volunteer-led initiatives which focus on some aspect of sustainability in our community.

Many of our initiatives have grown out of ideas presented to the Board by interested citizens who were seeking a venue for their idea to take form. With the support of the organization for such things as publicity, seed money, feedback on implementation, and meeting and office space, we have launched a number of successful ventures on our island. Each initiative includes at least one Board Member who serves as a liaison between the initiative and the Board of Directors.

In some cases, existing non-profit organizations have sought the support of Sustainable Bainbridge in order to further their own growth and development. These organizations have formally entered into a partnership with Sustainable Bainbridge, while continuing their own activities, again with a Sustainable Bainbridge Board Member serving to connect the partner organization with the larger Sustainable Bainbridge community.