Beach Naturalist Training

Kitsap Beach Naturalist Training

The Kitsap Peninsula is an incredible place to learn about the waters and marine life that surround us. The Kitsap Beach Naturalist program is for people who want to discover and explore our shorelines and the sea life that call them home. Through partnership with UW’s Washington Sea Grant and WWU’s SEA Discovery Center, the Kitsap Beach Naturalist program offers an annual spring Beach Naturalist training and many free beach explorations for curious minds.

This course is taught by local and regional experts that will bring you hands on classroom and field trip learning opportunities. Topics have included:

Salish Sea 101 The inland sea in our backyard is home to many ecologically significant marine and nearshore species. Participants dive into the biodiversity, coastal processes, ocean dynamics, and geology of this incredible feature.

Marine Biodiversity Discover what plants and creatures lie beneath the surface! Participants learn about microscopic species all the way up to whales. We explore marine habitats identification and conservation efforts surrounding our resident sea life.

Birds and the Intertidal Zone Participants take a look at the various intertidal zones surrounding Kitsap. We learn about invertebrates, tides, shoreline geology, birds, and how to identify these things on the beach.

Conservation & Restoration Find out how local, tribal and environmental agencies are helping protect our natural spaces and species. We discuss volunteer opportunities, citizen science projects, and things that you can do on your own to make a difference.

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