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Bainbridge Island Zero Waste welcome you to join Seattle Aquarium’s Nora Nickum and Dr. Lyda Harris to learn about plastic pollution in Puget Sound and the broader ocean, and what policies are being advanced to reduce that pollution and cut back on waste from single-use plastics and other packaging. Specifically, they will cover

  • Pathways for plastic to enter the ocean and how it affects wildlife
  • Findings from the Seattle Aquarium’s microplastics research in Puget Sound
  • Changes the Seattle Aquarium has made to reduce its use of plastics
  • Policies that have already passed in Washington state
  • Actions to stem the production and quick disposal of single-use plastics and other packaging

The Zoom link for the meeting is https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89477784268 .

The first few minutes of the Zero Waste meeting will be devoted to catching folks up on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, then on to the presentations!

Nora (Ferm) Nickum, pictured left, graduated from Bainbridge High School and went on to get a bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and a Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard. She is the Ocean Policy Manager at the Seattle Aquarium, leading state and federal advocacy work on policies to protect ocean health, including by reducing plastic pollution, and previously worked on climate change for the federal government and an environmental consulting firm.

Dr. Lyda Harris, pictured right, is the Clean Seas Research Scientist Lead at the Seattle Aquarium, where her research studies long term marine microplastic contamination in the Salish Sea, WA, across spatial and temporal gradients. Lyda graduated from University of Washington with PhD in Biology and a concentration in public policy and management. She has published numerous scientific articles exploring marine plastic pollution on both global and local scales and has been working on microplastics in the Salish Sea region for over six years.

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