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T&C and Safeway Directors Talk COBI Waste Ordinance and Waste Diversion

Zero Waste’s meeting will begin with a brief ZW business segment, followed by presentations by each store’s representatives, and ending with a Q&A period.

Zoom presentation is here. Forward to 13:22 if you want to skip the Zero Waste program recap.


Marina Heppenstall is the Sustainability Director for Town & Country Markets. She joined the company in 2022 to help advance sustainability initiatives, including packaging, carbon reduction, waste management, and sustainable food sourcing, across T&C’s six markets. Prior to joining T&C, she led client solutions at Sustainable Brands, a global learning platform for corporate sustainability. Her career in the environmental field has covered a breadth of topics that include event sustainability, carbon footprint of agricultural soils, land conservation, and renewable fuels. She holds a master’s degree in environmental science with a focus in sustainable agriculture.


Shane Erickson is director of food safety and environmental at Albertsons/Safeway and Adam Brazeau (pictured right) is Bainbridge Island Safeway store manager. Adam has worked in grocery for 24 years, starting as a courtesy clerk and working his way up to his current position. Bainbridge is his third store in this role and by far his favorite.

Our speakers have been asked to include the following in their talk. Some topics may pertain to one store more than the other.

  • Decision-making around the proliferation of clamshells for cut-up fruits and vegetables and alternatives to non-recyclable clamshells
  • Initiatives to increase in-store recycling and composting, including how food waste in the kitchen and unsold produce are treated/dispensed with
  • The destination in the public-facing three-bin containers (recycling, compost and landfill) – T&C
  • The destination of the film in the plastic film collection bin
  • Opportunities to bring one’s own container for bulk items
  • Handling of the waste ordinance requirements: review 2022 accessories rule and how the store has adjusted; comment on 2023 with dine-in durables, home compostable take-out, and 25-cent take-out cup fee
  • Any other waste reduction/reuse/recycling challenges or initiatives

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