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At this Zero Waste meeting, the first 20 minutes will be devoted to recapping ZW activities since our last meeting in March 2022. Then we will have two 15-20 minute presentations with two key people in our recycling system, who are pictured above: Caitlin Newman, recycling coordinator for Kitsap County, and Mike Range, senior MRF manager for the Pacific Northwest. (MRF stands for materials recovery facility.) One of the MRFs that Mike oversees is Waste Management/JMK Fibers, where Bainbridge Disposal hauls our curbside and transfer station mixed recycling to be sorted and baled.

Do you wonder why we can put certain items in the recycle bin but not others? This is the perfect chance to find out the reasons. Are you curious where recyclables go once they leave your hand? Tune in to learn where the markets are. We would like to make sure our speakers know what’s on your mind, so please send any questions you may have here, and we will pass them on to our presenters. Everyone is welcome to attend. The Zoom link is here .

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