Batteries are accepted at the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station, not in curbside recycling. Please look for the designated container — white 5-gallon buckets next to the electronics shed. Do not put in the mixed recyclables container.

According to this Washington Post article, “If you plan to recycle rechargeable batteries, be sure to cover their terminals with tape before you store and transport them [because of the potential for fires]…You don’t need to worry about taping up the terminals on standard AAs and AAAs, but you should for 9-volt batteries and tiny button cell batteries.”

Bainbridge Ace Hardware – They take household batteries: alkaline and rechargeable (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) and lithium-ion (button type).

Here is an interesting video filmed at a lithium battery recycling plant in Arizona.

Last updated 4/6/22