Helpline House accepts unopened cosmetics and toiletries.

BuyNothing: Post them on the BuyNothing app. Neighbors love to test out new (to them) beauty products


> Sephora (many Seattle locations) partners with Pact to recycle beauty or wellness packaging not accepted in regular recycling programs.

You can drop off any beauty or wellness packaging, as long as it’s clean, empty and on the following list:

  • Plastic bottles + jars smaller than a than a fist

  • Plastic + aluminum squeezable tubes

  • Ceramic + porcelain containers

  • Colored glass bottles and jars

  • Caps + closures

  • Pumps + dispensers

  • Droppers + applicators

  • Compacts + palettes

  • Lipstick/lip gloss tubes + applicators

  • Mascara tubes + wand

  • Plastic pencil components for eye/lip liner + brow pencils

  • Toothpaste tubes + dental floss containers

  • Silicone containers

  • Pouches

    Have packaging that’s not on this list? Use their Packaging Drop-Off Guide to see where it goes.

> Nordstrom – Any empty packaging that can’t go into your regular curbside bin can be dropped off in a BEAUTYCYCLE bin in the Beauty department in every Nordstrom and Nordstrom Local location in the U.S. That’s everything from pump caps and hair spray triggers to makeup such as lipstick cases, eyeliner pencils, and mascara tubes. Nordstrom has partnered with TerraCycle, which facilitates the recycling.

They can not accept aerosol cans or perfume, nail polish or nail polish remover bottles.

All brands of beauty product packaging are accepted.

Please remove as much of the remaining product as possible and make sure your items are dry before dropping off.

Last updated 11/9/2023