Cell phones contain rare earth and toxic metals and should be reused, refurbished or recycled.  In fact, a single mobile phone uses 74 kilograms of precious metals. But recycled devices can eliminate that waste. For example, one metric ton of old devices can yield more than 100 times more gold than a metric ton of gold ore mined for new devices.

Remember, before donating, be sure to take the SIM card out of your cell phone.


BuyNothing: Post them on the BuyNothing app. Plenty of neighbors could use old working cell phones.

City Hall –  280 Madison Av N.  There is a box in the lobby.  They give to the YWCA ALIVE program.


Helpline House sends them to Pace Butler.
Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station – Place in dedicated electronics container
> Ace Hardware – Place in Call2Recycle box on counter. The rechargeable batteries in the phones will be recycled. Cell phones collected through the Call2Recycle program will be refurbished, recycled or resold when possible, with a portion of proceeds donated to national charities.

Last updated 2/13/22