If you subscribe to Ridwell, you may recycle LEDs and incandescent bulbs through them, in addition to mercury-containing lights. Otherwise, LED and incandescent bulbs can safely go in the trash.

Lights with mercury (look for the Hg element symbol) need to be properly recycled. LightRecycle Washington explains why it is important to safely dispose of mercury-containing bulbs.

Where to recycle compact fluorescents (CFLs) and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs:
Limit 10 per day

Ace Hardware
Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station – Give to person at the kiosk
Home Depot

Where to recycle fluorescent tubes:
Limit 10 per day

Bainbridge Island Ace Hardware

Where to Recycle Strings of Lights

 Bainbridge Island Ace Hardware – Drop off between mid-November to mid-January. They are then picked up by a Kingston metal recycler.

Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station – Put in scrap metal dumpster. There may be a charge.

Last updated 2/9/2024