Single-use plastic litters our oceans and roadsides, kills creatures that ingest it, and is becoming more prevalent in human bodies.
Use durable containers when possible.


A recycling symbol on a product does not necessarily mean it can be recycled in every community, if at all. (Read EcoCycle’s excellent guide on greenwashing terms.)
On Bainbridge and throughout Kitsap County, curbside service and transfer stations accept only the following types of plastic.
Recycle only if rinsed, clean and empty.

  • bottles – plastic top in trash*
  • jugs – plastic top in trash*
  • jars –  top in trash*
  • dairy tubs – lid goes to trash

* As of 2022, tops in the trash is a new county rule. However, the specialized doorstep recycling service, Ridwell, collects bottle caps twice a year.

Clamshells are not recyclable except through Ridwell.

If you have old Rubbermaid-like containers that are unusable, or random tops for them, you may drop those off in the maroon Zero Waste box, which has been moved back to the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way West.

Last updated 1/11/23