Options for year-round Styrofoam recycling:

Kitsap County Solid Waste holds an annual Styrofoam collection. The last one was in April of 2024. This page announces their recycling events.

Styrofoam preparation guidelines:

  • Bag peanuts separately from block packaging
  • No debris in the bag
  • Do not include compostable peanuts (usually cylindrical in shape; if they stick together when moistened, they are compostable — dissolve at home)
  • Must be clean and dry
  • Remove all tape and stickers
  • Must be #6 EPS foam (it snaps and has beads) – block packaging, coolers, take-out clamshells and cups, meat trays (not tan!)
  • Separate white from colored
  • Separate block packaging from food ware

Styrofoam not accepted:

  • Wet or moldy
  • Items contaminated with rodent droppings or other biohazards
  • Insulation (e.g., pink or blue stuff or spray-in foam)
  • Sealed foam (e.g., Insta-pak)
  • Foil-lined foam
  • Hot tub and dock foam
  • Beach foam
  • Floral foam (green blocks of sponge-like foam)
  • Styro with glue, attached cardboard or screws
  • Foam microbeads
  • Tan meat trays
  • Soft, flexible foam (EPE)
  • Futon mattresses


There are many alternatives to using Styrofoam block packaging and peanuts, which take hundreds of years to degrade and easily become litter. If your product comes packaged in the stuff, write to the company to ask them to switch to packaging that is easily compostable (e.g., compostable peanuts, molded paper, mushroom packaging) or easily recyclable (e.g., cardboard, air pillows).

Last updated 6/9/2024