Fabric:  At least 8″ x 8″ size or anything larger.  Used by a quilters’ circle at Bethany Lutheran Church.  They donate approximately 150 quilts per year to disaster areas and refugee camps.  Contact Carol Fenner, 842-1573.

Knitted items made of natural fiber, such as cotton, wool or alpaca – Andi Dillon O’Rourke takes apart moth-eaten natural fiber knitted sweaters and other knitted items from natural fiber and reuses to make new items.
To donate, drop off in the large, blue plastic bin by the recycling at the base of the driveway. Her house is at 831 Eagle Cliff Rd NE, but the driveway is actually just south of Eagle Cliff on Ferncliff Ave.

BuyNothing: Post them on the BuyNothing app. Neighbors will reuse your textiles.

Northwest Center blue dropbox – Eagle Harbor Church parking lot, Via Rosa parking lot

They take all sorts of textiles, including

  • Clothing (all ages, styles, and condition – not wet or mildewed)   See Clothing section for more info.
  • Linens (bedding, towels, pillows)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Shoes and boots
  • Accessories (purses, belts)
  • Outerwear (coats, hats, scarves)
  • Blankets
  • Stuffed animals

Goodwill – A Goodwill donation truck is located in the Bainbridge Island Ace Hardware parking lot, 635 NE High School Rd. Drop off only when they are open, which is almost 365 days a year. Hours are, 8:30am-5pm, but it is not uncommon for them to close up early due to a full truck. Do not leave items next to the truck.

Check here for Goodwill’s donation guidelines. Items should be in usable condition and keep in mind, the Bainbridge truck takes items no larger than an end table. (The Silverdale and Bremerton locations can take bigger items.)

Last updated 8/7/20