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Take to the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station or Tilz.

Accepted by Bainbridge Disposal:

  • Food waste (any type)
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Weeds *
  • Prunings
  • Branches under 4′ long and 4″ diameter
  • Wood (goes in separate dumpster) – no painted, stained or pressure-treated; small nails okay

Accepted by Tilz: 

  • Stumps
  • Branches – any size
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Weeds *
  • Prunings
  • Wood – no painted, stained or pressure-treated; small nails okay

Not accepted by Tilz: Food waste

NOT accepted by either place:

  • Sod
  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Landscape fabric or plastic
  • Manure

* Some invasive species such as tansy ragwort and poison hemlock are too poisonous to compost and/or dangerous to compost. Others such as Japanese knotweed or morning glory/bindweed are able to easily spread via root or stem fragment and can completely contaminate any compost they are put in. Anyone who uses the contaminated compost will get the invasive species. Please landfill these species.

Last updated 4/19/21