June 6, 2020

Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station, as well as all Kitsap County-owned waste facilities, will increase trash disposal fees to $11 for one can starting July 1. Each additional can will be charged $3.00. The fee increase is due to a four-year rate plan approved by the Kitsap Board of Commissioners to increase tipping fees incrementally by $5/ton between 2018 and 2021 ($75/ton -> $90/ton).

The charge for mixed recyclables drop-off at BDTS will remain at $10 if all you bring is recycling. I f you bring trash + recycling, you will get charged just the trash fee.

Throughout Washington, landfill tipping fees run the gamut. Prices can be low when you can drop off directly at a county landfill; for example, Yakima County charges $36/ton. However, Bainbridge’s landfill closed in 1976 and the last Kitsap landfill was covered up for good in 2002, so all our waste travels a more costly 300 miles away on a train to the Columbia Ridge Landfill in Arlington, Oregon.

To get our trash on this eventually mile-long train, all Kitsap County haulers, including Bainbridge Disposal, unload their garbage at the Olympic View Transfer Station in Bremerton. The county made a smart move for taxpayers when they sited OVTS right on a railroad spur. That way there is no additional cost of trucking compacted garbage from OVTS to the rail cars, and our tipping fee is very reasonable compared to many others’ in the state, such as King County’s $151/ton. To see our trash go from tipping floor to train, watch this video for one minute starting at 2:08.