Islander V Calvez is always looking for ways to live in a mutually beneficial way with nature, whether it’s reusing shower water by running a hose from the second-story bathroom down to his outdoor garden or promoting neighborhood composting with Green Mountain Technologies’ Earth Cube composter.
Even though it’s been 17 years since he received the ABC Environmentalist of the Year award, V continues to innovate. A few years he ago decided to start using containers stuffed with unrecyclable plastic scraps as wall insulation for various projects. Community members helped out by filling containers per V’s instructions. So far he’s keeping his cohousing’s composter cooking at a high temperature with “eco-brick” cartons stuffed in the walls, shown circled in the picture to the left. V also completed a storage shed insulated in entirely the same way.
Now he is starting a new project and needs more bricks! If you would like to find out how to make them — and give purpose to unrecyclable plastic — click the button below.