This Spring, the watershed council continued its work with Bainbridge High School’s pollinator garden efforts. With a grant received in 2023 from the National Wildlife Federation for Schoolyard Habitats, we have been able to support the high school with the purchase of plants and materials to restore and expand native habitat for pollinators on campus.

This Spring, we continued our work by replacing a diseased cherry tree at the front of the school with serviceberry (genus Amelanchier) tree. Serviceberries provide both flowers and fruit for wildlife, and have the added bonus of turning a beautiful golden color in fall. We then added an assortment of evergreen and deciduous pollinator-friendly perennials to the area below the tree that we are looking forward to seeing grow.

This Spring’s planting work was completed in partnership with Ms. Carson’s 9th grade English classes, who completed an environmental literature unit that paired perfectly with the opportunity to bring more native and pollinator-friendly plants onto campus. The students also planted several sunflowers around campus, which will greet students when they arrive in Fall for the new school year.