Susan Knell of the Zero Waste steering committee has joined a number of Terracycle “brigades,” collection programs of different items that are sponsored by a manufacturer of that product (though in the following brigades, most of the items can be from any brand).

The following five categories (see photos below) can be dropped off in the TERRACYCLE COLLECTION BIN* relocated to the porch of Helpline House, 282 Knechtel Way:

Office supplies: Empty writing instruments, markers, dried-out or empty glue sticks, water color dispensers, paint sets, and the packaging for those items – any brand

Note: no Wite-Out

Oral care supplies: Manual toothbrushes and outer packaging, dental floss containers, and empty toothpaste tubes and caps – any brand

#6 plastic cups (like red Solo cups): Look for the number 6 in the chasing arrow. This type of cup tends to crack when squeezed hard (versus the more flexible #1 cups) – any brand

Food storage containers: Non single-use plastic and glass food storage containers – any brand

Brita products: filters, pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, and packaging

To read about the Terracycle recycling process, visit this page.

*Though not part of the Terracycle program, Zero Waste is also collecting plastic corrugated signs in that bin. These signs will be reused by an islander in an insulation project.