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Tableware Lending Library


The Bainbridge Island Zero Waste lending library is a list of reusable tableware in big quantities that can be lent out for an event. The different items are stored in various locations, but many of the items are located in one spot.
BIZW maintains the spreadsheet, which lists the tableware, the people who store it, and their contact information. You can request this spreadsheet by contacting .  Please tell us what and when your event is.

Users of the library are expected to make arrangements with the lenders for pick-up and return.  All items should be washed before being returned.

Here are examples of what is available, the quantity noted in parentheses:

mugs (110)
tumblers (130)
wine glasses (200)
forks, dinner + dessert (450)
knives (340)
tea/tablespoons (175 each)
plates (145)
bowls -- not currently available
napkins, mixed colors (400)
round/rectangular tablecloths, small and large (70)

There are smaller quantities of other items, which you will see when requesting the information from .