Sakai Intermediate School students won the top prize for their age group and school size
in the 2019 Trex National School Plastic Recycling Challenge!  

Sakai parents, teachers and students were so successful at raising awareness about this special recycling stream that they collected 5094 pounds of this lightweight material from their school and island community.
Kudos to parent Kathryn McGowan for leading the way, with fifth grade science teacher Elizabeth Vroom supporting within the school and Zero Waste devotee Susan Knell sorting and packing up the bags dropped off on the weekend and during all the school vacations.
For their efforts, the school was awarded a Trex bench made from approximately 10,000 plastic bags, which sits at the front of the school.

The challenge is now over, but you can keep recycling all kinds of plastic film at T&C or Safeway in their designated plastic bag container.
Go here and scroll down to “Plastic Bags” to see what types of plastic film you can recycle.