Join the #BITrashTuesdays movement!

Co-quarantining neighbors Mayah and Dolly show off their #bitrashtuesdays haul!

A huge shout out to the individuals and families who have been joining our new litter collection effort, #BITrashTuesdays. In the past few months, we estimate over 90 hours of effort and more than 800 pounds of trash have been picked up from our roadways!! That’s amazing!!

Hannah shows appropriate corona distancing technique

How do I join the (socially distanced) party?

If you would like to join us for this effort, which we are calling #BITrashTuesdays because we started it as a weekly thing to do on a Tuesday (but you can participate any day of the week), it’s easy to do: grab folks quarantined with you, gloves, and a trash bag. Thanks to Bainbridge Disposal, Kitsap County trash bags with special labeling are available weekdays 8am-3pm on the patio of the Sportsman Club office at 9423 NE Business Park Ln. Take only what you need, and once full of litter, set beside a curbside trash can (get permission if it’s not your can) for free pick-up on trash day.  BI Zero Waste is also lending litter grabbers for the duration of the home-stay period. Contact us to request to borrow them.

Quite the #bitrashtuesdays collection from Lee Robinson. Thanks Lee!

As always, safety first when doing litter collection: with younger children, avoid busy streets or narrow shoulders; wear bright, visible clothing; never collect trash with bare hands; pick up only what you are comfortable handling. Recyclables CAN be separated and recycled, but only if they are clean and dry; if they are dirty/contaminated with liquids or food, they should be put in with regular trash.

Finally, if you want to help us track and raise awareness for this effort, here are some tools:

  • Help us count hours and pounds of trash collected on this spreadsheet 
  • Use the hashtag #BITrashTuesdays on social media
  • Send us photos of your efforts (please only share photos you are comfortable having used on social and public media, and provide names if individuals are identifiable)

Thanks for helping us keep our environment healthy and beautiful!