Donate books that are in good condition. Do not donate (or recycle) if books are moldy, dirty, damp, water-damaged or infested with insects.

  • Bainbridge Public Library – no older textbooks, encyclopedias or Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Buy Nothing: Post them on the BuyNothing app. Books are gifted and regifted on BuyNothing all the time.
  • Goodwill in Ace Hardware parking lot


If books are damaged, e.g., have broken spines, loose or torn pages, or too many pages that have been written in or highlighted, then recycle. Put mildewed or water-damaged books in the trash. Hardcover books must have the hard cover torn off and discarded. If the thickness of the book is greater than a half inch, tear out the pages in half-inch chunks or less to recycle.

E-books (e.g., Kindles) should be recycled at the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station in the E-cycling container.


Consider hosting a Little Free Library in your neighborhood.

Last updated 5/23/2021