Do not put scrap metal in your recycling bin.

Zero Waste has begun partnering with the BI Senior Center to set up a year-round collection of small pieces of metal that are not allowed in curbside or transfer station mixed recycling. The Senior Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Look for this display and drop in keys, hardware, lids (make sure they are clean), beer caps, etc. Do not include food or drink cans, as these go with regular recycling.

Or take metal (big and small) directly to the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station and put in the scrap metal dumpster. A fee may apply.

Kitchen examples:

  • jar lids
  • can lids (or crimp the lid inside the can it came off of and put in regular recycling)
  • bottle caps
  • screw-off metal caps
  • clean aluminum trays

Other examples:

metal hangers
nuts & bolts

Last updated 10/5/23