Do not put scrap metal in your recycling bin.

Zero Waste partners with the Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center to have a year-round collection of small pieces of metal that are not allowed in curbside or transfer station mixed recycling. The Senior Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Look for the display pictured below and drop in keys, hardware, clean metal lids, beer caps, clean aluminum trays, metal hangers, etc. Do not include food or drink cans, as these go in regular recycling.

Or take metal (big and small) directly to the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station and put in the scrap metal dumpster. A fee may apply.

Examples of bigger scrap metal accepted at the transfer station:

BBQs, barbeques, bicycles, blenders, bread makers, cable, chainsaws, chicken wire, clothing irons, coffee makers, cookware, curling irons, lawn edgers, empty drums, fencing, filing cabinets, fitness equipment, hair dryers, hand tools, kitchenware, lawn mowers, lawn tools, metal chairs, metal furniture, metal pots, microwaves, miscellaneous metal, rebar, rims, small kitchen and bathroom appliances, toasters, weed eaters, wheel rim, wire, and yard tools.

Last updated 6/17/2024