Mixed recyclables are collected curbside through a subscription service with Bainbridge Disposal or may be taken to the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station. At the transfer station, an $11 flat fee covers all mixed recyclables, cardboard, scrap metal and one can of trash.

Make sure containers are RINSED and EMPTY; paper should be dry.
Recycle loose, NEVER in a plastic bag.

These items are accepted in the Bainbridge recycling program:


  • cans

NO aluminum foil or food trays


  • bottles & jars (no lids)

NO drinking glasses
NO window panes

Glass food storage containers – If you can’t reuse or gift them, put in the grey Terracycle bin at the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way West.


  • food cans

NO scrap metal (goes in the scrap metal dumpster at the Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station)


  • junk mail
  • magazines and catalogues
  • newspaper
  • copy paper
  • construction paper
  • wrapping paper (not embossed, metallic foil or glittery)
  • paper or frozen food boxes (no liners, PLEASE flatten)
  • paper bags
  • phone books
  • milk and juice cartons (not Tetrapaks)

NO paper cups, plates or bowls (put in trash)
NO non-tearable paper (put in trash)
NO shredded paper (put in compost if free of plastic)
NO greasy pizza boxes (put in compost)
NO tissue paper (put in compost)
NO tissues, paper towels or paper napkins (put in compost)


  • bottles & jugs & jars (empty and recap plastic screw tops)
  • dairy tubs (no lids)

Last updated 12/5/21